View Full Version : Lighting option for 135g tank

09/16/2017, 07:40 PM
Hi, Absolute Newbie here..
I am setting up a 135g tank 6 feet long, 22 inches deep and 18 inches wide.
Want to grow lots of hard and soft corals along with fish. What lighting setup should I use. I would prefer LED lights and want something that sits flush on the top of the aquarium.

09/17/2017, 08:55 AM
Probably nothing will sit flush - there is too much humidity and splashes. You can get legs and keep them pretty close, like at 5-6."

For LED, it is up to you. You looking for easy to control? Easy to use? Lots of features like thunderstorms and lighting or no frills, just light? Lots of color control, or mostly just plug and play? Do you need to be able to control the lights from your phone when on the commode or couch, or do dials on the side of the panel work?

09/17/2017, 01:22 PM
If you're handy, perhaps you could build a canopy to sit flush over your tank rim to house your lights. Otherwise, as jda said, having fixtures sit flush is not a good idea.

What's your budget for lighting?