View Full Version : New Yellow Watchman Never to be Seen

09/17/2017, 05:49 AM
I put a new one in last Sunday evening (about 2-1/2" long) and I've not seen it once. I'm home most of the time and I would have thought I'd have caught a glimpse of it at feeding time at least.

I got the YWG because I have a pistol shrimp so I wanted to have them pair up.

Do you think it's alive? I don't think it got out.

I test ammonia just to make sure there isn't a spike and so far it's good.

I've had other gobies and they would always come out to eat if nothing else!

09/17/2017, 03:33 PM
I had a YWG that I put in my 120, and after it picked a cave I saw it for the first week or so. Then it disappeared for about a week. Didn't come out at feeding time, never saw a glimpse of it. Then all the sudden it re-appeared, right back in its usual cave with its pistol shrimp. Then after a few weeks of being back, it disappeared again. This time for a month. I kid you not, not a glimpse of it for a full month. It's cave fell into disrepair. I assumed it must have died somehow, and when I saw a bonded pair of YWGs on Diver's Den I considered replacing it. But I was patient, and then one day, the cave looked like it had gotten some work done, and lo and behold the YWG peeked out with the pistol shrimp. Looked a little skinny but not too bad. I was shocked. Ate voraciously at feeding time as well. Since then, which has been a few months, the YWG has been out and about happily tending the cave and shooting out to get food at feeding time.

I can only assume the YWG moved to another cave somewhere else in the tank and was hiding out there, but honestly I have no idea.

Of course in you case it might have jumped, might be dead, but these fish are certainly capable of hiding for very long periods of time.