View Full Version : Medium to small Nano tank skimmer resolution

09/17/2017, 08:27 AM
After having issues with my new Aqua Remora C earlier I finally made the decision to resolve this ongoing dilemma once and for all.

Something to do with additives or breaking in again was causing larger then desired microbubbling which was filling my tank surface. Since I don't have time to do any studying I went back to the old tried and true method that would likely eliminate the need for it altogether.

While at a semi-LFS (That Fish Place), I chose to revisit what had worked for me before for many years. I purchased the Phos Ban 150 Reactor. Along with a small to medium pump. Grabbed a 1.75 lb tub of Pora PhosLock and 4 liter tub of HydroCarbon. Put 5" of the Phoslock in and filled the rest with the Hydrocarbon.

Within a few minutes of running the reactor the bubbling and activity in the skimmer had vitually stopped and was only flowing clear water (no skimmate at all but still bubbling in the reactor part of the skimmer, nothing going up the tube at all).

And reading up on skimmers I think it's probably for my tank at least, a better choice. Since skimmers are a little more indiscriminate at what they actually remove, carbon has been proven more times than not to essentially leave most trace elements and function more on the organic compounds. I know with overuse of carbon it's proven to cause HLLE disease in the Surgeonfish family but I have none of those so it's not an issue.

I doubt I'll see any impact on my fish whatsoever so I'll just wait to see if there is any difference to my corals but I add supplements as needed and test so I don't see much if any problems there either.

09/17/2017, 10:28 AM
Its totally normal for skimmers bubble column to overflow or collapse for a little while when chemicals,etc.. are added to a tank..
The chemicals are changing the surface tension of the water,etc...

While there is little/no harm in running carbon its not the best idea to run phosphate binding products unless you actually have a phosphate "problem" as it can be very effective and actually cause problems with phosphate deficiency..