View Full Version : Is this all my new sm yellow tang is going to do

09/17/2017, 01:05 PM
To replace my 7 year old Kole tang who recently passed I bought a 2" yellow tang. Hes been in my 80 gallon tank now two days and the first day all was good he swam around picking algae off rocks. Today all he's been doing since the lights came on is swim in circles around the side of the tank. Is this normal for a day or so will he stop doing this eventually? My Kole did this at seldom times but quit after awhile.

09/17/2017, 04:47 PM
Sounds like it's stressed. Maybe it was already used to swimming greater distances in the wild and is now feeling confined. I know it's still small and technically an 80 gallon should house it well for awhile, but I have a feeling this tang won't like this aquarium due to the size.