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09/17/2017, 05:53 PM
I currently have a pair of maroons that have been breeding and laying eggs for the last few months. I have tried to raise the fry several times but no luck getting any of them past 5 days. They always end up hovering around the bottom of the fry tank and then die. I am raising Nannochloropsis algae with pretty good results and the rotifers are always plentiful due to my success with the algae.

The problems that i experienced were temp, salinity, and light but all have been solved. I am not sure about the reasons that they die at day 5 or earlier. I use a 10 gallon tank and then add water from the parents tank to it mixed 50/50 with fresh mix saltwater that is same salinity. I add rotifers but do not add the algae water to the tank , i just add it to the rotifers and then strain them and add them to the fry tank.i add enough of them to get the density pretty high. I do have problems with cleaning the tank due to no way to suck the debris off the bare bottom of the 10 gallon tank. Thus the deitrus builds up.

I guess being new to raising them and having no luck is pretty aggravating...before i give up totally i decided to throw a line out and see if anyone can help me get a little further down the road to success.


Thanks for any help that the fellow reefers can offer.


09/29/2017, 12:58 PM
A few things here:

Your nanno culture does not carry enough essential nutrition for the fry. It lacks DHA, HUFAs, and other necessary elements to properly feed the fry. I would recommend enriching your rotifers with a commercially available algae product like RotigrowComplete from apbreed.com.

You need to tint the water in the fry tank. It creates a visual contrast and makes it easier for the fry to spot prey, it also ensures that the rotifers are possibly eating before they themselves, are eaten. Your nanno culture would be good for this. Also make sure you black out most of the tank itself, and leave the light on 24 hours until meta.

Keep parent tank water out of the equation. You may be experiencing high nutrient levels, or high ammonia levels and this could be killing the fry. If you get a lot of buildup on the bottom, use a small airline tube to gently siphon the bottom, then add fresh mixed saltwater back very slowly. I usually draw a line on the glass to tell me where my level is. I also ran fresh water back in through an airline with a valve so it was very slow going.

Day 5 is so close to meta! You're almost there, don't give up!

www.mbisite.org is a great resource as well!

Hope that helps.