View Full Version : Manual Feed Mode

09/18/2017, 09:48 AM
I have two MP40QD's and 4 Radion Pro G2's and one Vectra M1 which are all linked to ESL. How can I manually go into feed mode when I want to feed? I see where I can set a specific Feed Mode in the daily schedule but I do not want a specific time as I am not always home at the same time.

Also is there a way to set up a maintenance mode where I can set it to an hour or so that everything turns off while I perform maintenance functions and maybe a way to turn it back if I finish in less than an hour?

I see a lot of publications and videos of "how to do's" but none seem to be written of how to do something once the devices are connected to ESL and the local drivers are not controlling that device. Any videos or publications that are specific to newer devices and ESL?