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chris o
09/18/2017, 01:25 PM
I have 6 radions that I am putting on my 425 but need to locate the power supplies further then the std cord length. 3 of the lights have the bigger plug with steel power supply and the other three the smaller power supply. I see two different extensions but not sure which will work.


chris o
09/19/2017, 01:40 PM
FYI these are all G-3

chris o
09/19/2017, 04:41 PM
Evotech recommendation please.

09/20/2017, 08:22 AM
Call Ecotech

09/27/2017, 09:05 PM
^Calling them is probably the best solution:

Their web page shows a part XR609, with a picture of a Gen1 through part of Gen 3 type connector, but they list it as Gen4. The other two cables I'm seeing on their parts page are both USB cables.

I'm betting they stock both if you call them.

If you have a canopy I'd consider putting the new type supplies in a dry ventilated portion of the canopy (if such a thing exists) and running a power strip up to that. The old type you can buy the extension cables, or if you are reasonably handy and willing to void warranty (assuming your old style ones are even still in warranty), I suspect manually extending them wouldn't be particularly hard.