View Full Version : Tunze 1073.060 return pump

09/18/2017, 11:29 PM
Hi Roger,

Can this pump be used with a 3/4" output barb to connect a hose to return to the tank? I was considering to purchase this for my upcoming 110 gallon tank:)

I'm not an expert at plumbing. The tank maker wants to have just one 3/4" hole/bulkhead for a return flow. Or do you suggest a 1"? Or two 3/4" ? I am somewhat clueless. If this is not something you would know, I totally understand. I think I know of a plumbing guy I can ask. But I thought I'd try you first, since I'm thinking specifically of this pump.


09/19/2017, 08:39 AM
The pump uses 1", while you could reduce it to 3/4", it won't harm the pump, it will reduce the flow. I personally think this is too much pump for a return on a 110 unless the head is very high, my target return rate would be 330-550 gph so I would not be excessively worried about any loss of flow, but if you have not bought the pump, I might instead go with a 1073.040 or 1073.050, smaller and use less power, make less heat and you generally want a lower flow rate to avoid bubble issues and so the skimmer can process the water more completely and to avoid having your filter pound the detritus into tea instead or removing it.

09/19/2017, 11:01 AM
I'm using a 1073.05 on my 135 SPS and I have it turned down a little.