View Full Version : new zoa frags

09/19/2017, 12:38 AM
In general, when you buy new zoas frags with 3 polyps or small colony,
how long before you move them to rocks?

I read depending on the zoas, colorful ones can only grow only 1-2 polys a month?
others spread quicker

So do you just wait till you see it spreading across the frag plug before you
move it?

my frag rack is quite full of zoa frags. waiting game now of which ones will make it.

I was thinking of getting small dry rock pieces to transfer them when they seem more stable and spreading so they have more space on rock vs. frags

09/19/2017, 07:10 AM
I let them sit on the sand bed on the plug for a week or so, then find a spot on the rocks for them. Since every spot is different they may or may not like it. Once I am moving them onto the rocks, I cut the stem of the plug off and add a little epoxy to hold the plug in place on the rocks. If they seem to like it, I pull it out to add more epoxy to better hold them.

09/21/2017, 01:42 PM
What about Zoas that grow on a coral like branch?
Like a tree branch, cylinder shaped, it grows all
Wrapping around the branch

How can I frag this to flat rock?

I destroyed a really nice $50 zoa colony trying
to frag. They either melted away or got fungus.

If I cut slices of branch, will it eventually grow on the top of
The slice?