View Full Version : My LTA is affraid of the dark!

09/19/2017, 03:02 AM
I got my Purple LTA about a week ago after doing much research and reading everything i could on the subject. I know my tank is not the most mature, but my cycle went well, and all my nutrients are spot on, so i figured wth, why not?

Right away, it was a challenge to get him to stick anywhere, i'd dig a hole and put him in it, and put some small rubble burried next to him to help him feel secure, and to help with the current, but invariably, the next morning i'd find him either floating around in circles, or wedged in some cave in my live rock away from direct light. after a few days of this he started retracting completely and looked like an orange ping pong ball floating around in the morning... i'd plant him back under the lights, and he'd open up again... i did target feed him some rehydrated mysis shrimp early on, but then he just stopped eating after being so stressed out. every morning i'd find him wedged in some crevase seemingly unable to find an adequate spot. i tried slowing my flow significantly and stopping my ph completely, but i was worried about my bio-filter holding up, so i restarted it and brought it to a moderate/lowish flow.

Tonight, i stayed up late to observe, and like clockwork when the lights went out, he retracted his tentacles and started to come out of his deep sandy spot. before he was completely free and floating i put on all the lights to full, and low and behold, he opened back up and sank back down!

to see if I was going nuts, i again put the lights on nighttime cycle (which was 3% blue and 0% white) and bam, he'd close up again! so I tweaked, and found a sweet spot that he stays open for the night cycle with 25% blue and 0% white, which my Chromis dont seem to mind, because they are asleep, but my clowns never settled down. i am going to try to slowly over the next several days decrease the lux for the night cycle and see if i can find a sweeter spot to let my clowns rest, but still have a night light for my chicken ish Anemone.

Anyone else observe this?