View Full Version : Questions about Fluval evo 13,5g

09/19/2017, 07:13 PM

I have 2 questions about my Fluval evo 13,5g I prepare.

1- Many people suggested me to change the pomp for a bigger one and use the one that came with the kit to make my saltwater. What model of pomp will fit in the space and be better?

2- I will make a homemade media basket to put in the second space of the filtration to replace the sponge. First, My idea is to do 3 spaces to put filtration media. It's enought or I'm better to make 4 smaller spaces? Second, what would be the ideal medias to use. Someone talked to me about Chemi-pure elite. What need to be my 2 or 3 other medias.

Thanks a lot from a newbie :)

09/19/2017, 07:15 PM
I want a tank with mainly easy corals and invertebrates. Maybe 1 or 2 littles fishes

09/19/2017, 10:42 PM
Take a look at my thread for mods on the chambers.

As for the pump, I'm currently using the Sicce 1 but their pretty costly. I heard the Rio 800 works well.

10/09/2017, 04:13 PM
I would set it up stock and run the pump it comes with. Then decide if you want to upgrade. I am running the stock, but have two 240GPH powerheads for circulation. Just up to you.