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09/20/2017, 11:08 AM
So i had a 90g FOWLR setup, stand/tank/canopy. Long story short had a flooding issue relating to a fire sprinkler system (the same day IRMA came no less) and had to tear down my 90 to take with me since i had to get it at that point. Had just the tank sitting about 80% full of water in parents garage while all this has been going on, still hooked up chiller, dual reactor, etc so atleast it was good for the fish. Well i just sold the last of my livestock and the live rock will go today.

I also have a 20g IM nuvo that is my reef tank which i will now be focusing solely on. The piece of cabinetry i was using for the 20 got damaged so i dont have that anymore. What im thinking is maybe put a piece of wood across the length of my 90 stand (normal diemsions of 90 - 48x18x24) and use that for my 20? I also thought about using the sump as well for the 20. I would have to have some sort of gravity overflow to get water down to the sump and then return pump it back up, but would it be worth it to use existing equipment i had for the 90, for the 20? Or would that be overkill? For instance i had a bubble magus curve 7, could i tone it all the way down and use it for my 20/sump combo (maybe 50 gallons total of water) or the dual reactor for gfo/carbo/etc? And i have a prime chiller 1/10hp, i guess i could utilize that as well Im selling the 90 tank but instead of having to buy something else to sit the 20 on, i was thinking why not modify the 90 stand for it, since it already has sump/space underneath for all the cabling/mechanical stuff. Im trying to see what things i can still use and what things i need to just sell (id like to utilize whatever i still can as i see myself getting back into the 'bigger tank life' when i get a home maybe in several years.

Just wondering other peoples .02


09/20/2017, 03:26 PM
most ppl with 20g and under don't bother with skimmers as the nano versions aren't very effective and the ones for larger tanks can over skim the nano's causing stripping of nutrients it needs.

Doing weekly waterchanges on pico and nano tanks is sufficient enough.

I don't know much about chillers but I would imagine it can be used on the 20g if needed.

I have no idea how one uses a sump on the AIO tanks, the purpose of the AIO is to avoid the use of a sump as the back chambers replace the sump.

The stand can be utilized, maybe design an exterior refugium for the 20gIM to go on the stand as well

09/21/2017, 08:12 AM
yeah i was thinking maybe use the big 30g sump i was using for the large tank and turning that into a refugium.

I was really just trying to utilize the 'bigger' things i already had if it would work for the smaller tank. I would feel better about keeping them that way, as opposed to just storing them in a closet until i get a bigger tank again lol

09/21/2017, 08:19 AM
On a 20g all you need is an aquaclear filter and powerhead or two. Keep up with water changes and you're golden :) I wouldn't complicate it, personally. I kept a 20G long that way for almost 10 years.