View Full Version : Kent Marine 94L chamber removal

09/20/2017, 11:56 AM
Hi everyone.

Long time reader, first time poster.

I have a Kent Marine bio reef 94L which has been up and running for approx 18months now.

Recently upgraded the lighting to the Razor Nano however have had to place the lights off center due to the size of the skimmer (which I upgraded to the Tunze 9004 approx 6 months ago).

I am contemplating cutting out one of the 2 chambers so I can move the lights along and still fit the Tunze in.

Has anyone else done similar? Which chamber would you recommend cutting out?

I currently have
Chamber 1 - thermometer
Chamber 2 - Black sponge/foam, filter floss and bag of activated carbon
Chamber 3 - Tunze skimmer sitting on one bag of ceramic media
Chamber 4 - Return pump

I have removed the weir gate so the light fixture sits across the top of the divider between Chamber 1 and 2.