View Full Version : Corona vs Sirius XTC vs ??

09/20/2017, 03:33 PM
Rapid LED Corona vs Reefledlights Sirius XTC (2 units of each)

Hi all

I'm looking for people's experiences and opinions whether good or bad on these 2 lights and also any other possible suggestions please.

This is for a tank 150cm L x 50H x 70W (59x17x27inches) for mainly LPS and a few SPS with maybe a clam or 2.

I do like the aesthetics of the corona and should be sufficient in supporting my chosen livestock but am a little bit weary of WiFi controlled equipment and not sure how easy it will be to replace failed components in the future.

As for the XTC it won't win any beauty contests but appears to be one very impressive piece of kit with immense power and flexibility, possibly more serviceable. At present this is what I'm leaning towards.

Like I said I'm open to other suggestions but would need to be within those rough price ranges so don't suggest radion xr whatever's or hydra number blah blahs :fun4:

Hopefully some current users will weigh in as reviews are far and few for both or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places.

Thanks in advance