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FoxFace Fish
09/21/2017, 06:37 AM
Some of you may know this but my 75 gallon reef tank crashed a little while ago while I was gone.... So here is what I am doing. I found a tank for sale (220 Gallon) so I am upgrading. Now here is my problem I have no clue what size of anything to get for this thing. I know it is small compared to a lot of people.

My question is how much water should I be moving in it with power heads? how much water do you think for water changes? (was thinking like 50 gallons) A good protein skimmer size and type? and a good sump size? how much water should my sump pump be moving and how much GPH should I be filtering. ( I was thinking about using my old 75 Gallon for sump)

let me know what you guys with bigger tanks reccomend

09/21/2017, 07:49 AM
same rules (well..generic recommendations) apply...

min 30x total flow..
3-10x flow through sump
start with 20% water change every 2 weeks..
No need for a mechanical "filter" if thats what you mean.. Like Elsa said "Let it Flow... Let it Flow" ;)

But the bigger the sump the better in general..