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09/21/2017, 03:41 PM
Anyone feel theyre an expert on telling the 2 apart?
Biggest one in the tank is 5" and they multiply like crazy, about 6 new ones a month. The new ones are all small like the one in the picture next to the larger onehttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170921/c74a82d4a1a7d9cef16df2c664bc87d2.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170921/453725ccc0c9e294cd272e6bb6fee3d2.jpg

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Small Heavens
09/22/2017, 03:35 AM
From your description of how rapid they spread, their size and the fact that they are not placing their base hidden in the LR, I think that you have got some Majano.

09/23/2017, 12:45 PM
That's a bubble tip

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09/23/2017, 12:46 PM
that's a bubble tip

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Small Heavens
09/23/2017, 02:48 PM

If you scroll down to the third letter in this link, it might help with the ID: