View Full Version : Anyone have a Red Sea Max Nano?

09/21/2017, 05:14 PM
I'm thinking of adding a small tank for my house. I priced out a Nuvo 20 (no stand). By the time I added an ATO, a decent light (Maxspect Razor), an MP10 (maybe overkill, but still...), plus the sand, rock, etc. it came out to just over $1,000. This is with no stand and no skimmer.

So I looked into a Red Sea Max Nano from BRS. It's the same size, but it comes with a skimmer and nice stand. I know an AIO skimmer may not be ideal, but it's gotta be better than no skimmer. A RS Max Nano is about the same cost when you add sand, rock, etc. (about $1,000).

Does anyone have one of these? I've always been impressed by RS tanks. The stands are nice and it seems like I'd get more for my $1,000 with the RS versus the Nuvo 20.

Anyone with experience with the Red Sed Max Nano, please chime in!