View Full Version : Mantis Setup

09/21/2017, 05:40 PM
Asked this in the Mantis forum but got no responses and was hoping someone can give some advice.

Wanting to tie a Mantis setup into my current setup. Was thinking about getting a 10g acrylic tank and a HOB overflow to connect to my current sump so that I could have a separate enclosure for a Mantis shrimp. I don't imagine this should be an issue but figured asking couldn't be bad. I also want to make this work like a refugium. Currently have one in sump but putting some Cheato in with the Mantis for pods could end up working really nicely. My setup is going to be for Seahorses in the long term and with a Mandarin Dragonet as well, a lot of pods would be good. Given it is advised to pretty much keep Mantis solo, I don't believe doubling the enclosure as a refugium as well is a bad idea.