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09/21/2017, 06:33 PM

I am looking at these 2:
Seaclear 50 gallon acrylic
Innovative Marine Nuvo Black 30 gallon glass

I never had an acrylic tank before. Is yellowing still an issue with full
spectrum lighting, are we talking 5-10 years later?

Seaclear limitations, top cutouts are fixed, not sure how to get a skimmer in
there. Cutting into acrylic is not easy as cutting into poly carbonate?

Clarity, assuming the seaclear is better but more scratches?

I can't find a seaclear website for top cutout dimensions.

Which would you choose?

09/21/2017, 07:49 PM
Yellowing should not be a problem. Acrylic cuts pretty easily if you have decent tools, especially compared to glass.

There are two things I don't like about acrylic tanks. First, they scratch very easily. In theory you can remove scratches but it's a lot of work and the repair is never quite perfect. This makes acrylic hard to clean when coraline starts growing on it. Second, the sides are never perfectly flat.

On the other hand, glass is much heavier and can shatter if mishandled. It is much harder to scratch glass but the scratches you will get aren't repairable. Drilling holes in glass is difficult. Thick glass isn't as clear as acrylic but at these sizes it shouldn't matter.

My display is glass and my refugium is acrylic.

09/21/2017, 08:48 PM
Thanks Stuart

Inside scratches is my main concern when cleaning algae

Guess I will stick to glass