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Lord,Darth Bane
09/22/2017, 06:58 AM
Hi Roger. Need some helps.

So I have just purchased two 6095 pumps and a 7092.300 cable.

I have connected them with the cable, set the child pump to "external control" mode and use the controller of the parent pump to run them.

Both controllers are set at "main power" 100%, "pulse" at center, and "pulse power" off. I have no problem running them at "pulse 2-10s" or "auto adjust wave". And I also have no problem switching them between inverse and parallel operation by pressing the "food timer" for 5 seconds.

The problem is when I want to set them running between 30-100%, I turn up the "pulse power" of the parent controller from off to 30%, the parent pump is OK running between 30-100% but the child pump always stays at 100%. The child pump only reacts when the "pulse power" is off then the child pump is totally off.

How to set both pumps running between 30-100%?


09/22/2017, 10:14 AM
Turn pulse to off on the slave pump and be sure it is external mode If this is set correct and it still does not work, I think the 7092.300 is bad or not plugged in completely, it sounds like the slave pump is just doing its own program based on the settings and not getting a signal from the main pump. External mode is a yellow light.

Lord,Darth Bane
09/22/2017, 10:15 PM
Tried it. No luck. I made sure the child pump is on external mode, turn the pulse to off and re-plug the cable. I also tried swapping the parent/child pumps (made the parent be child and child be parent) and it still happens.

I think the child did get signal from the parent, as it works when pulse power (of the parent controller) is set to be 0. It just doesn't work when I set it at lower power withtout completely turn off like 30%, the parent runs ok at 30-100% but the child stays at 100%. :worried2:

Here are the signal lights, with both pumps running in parallel operation. Are they normal?

Pulse power set at 0%. Both pumps run at 100%. Main power lights on.


Now pumps at 0%. Main power lights off.


Now, pulse power set at 30%. Both pumps run at 100%. Main power lights on.


Now, the problem is here:
Parent pump runs at 30%. Main power light off. Pulse power light on, but dimmer.
Child pump still runs at 100%. Main power light on, but dimmer.


Is this how it should be?

09/25/2017, 08:42 AM
Are both controllers set to External? Only the slave or child controller is to be set to External, the main controller gets the setting you want (pulse or wave).

Lord,Darth Bane
09/25/2017, 10:28 PM
No. From the photos you can see only the child is set to external.

The problem is that they both run fine in 0-100% (on and off). But when I set them to 30-100%, then only the parent runs in 30-100%, but the child stays in 100% all time.

Is this what they should be? I asked the local LFS which I purchased from, he tested his and confirmed they run like the same.

So if I want to run two 6095 in 30-100%, I must need to use an extra controller like 7095 or 7000?

09/26/2017, 08:36 AM
My apologies, with the large size of the image I was only seeing half the image until I scrolled to the side. As you have them set, in synchronous mode both pumps should pulse from 30-100% at the same time, if no photocell is connected, this should work always unless one controller or the cable has a defect or the cable is loose. In inverse mode one should be at 30% when the other is at 100% and then they switch. Something is wrong with the cable or one controller to get the result you have.

Lord,Darth Bane
09/26/2017, 11:15 AM
Thanks. I have tried swapping the parent and child (change the parent to external mode and set the child to control) and the problem still remains. Do you think it is not the problem of the controller? As I guess if one controller is wrong then there would always be that single pump has problem?

It is even more strange that the local LFS reported the same issue. I called him and told him the situation. He then connected his two 6095 and tried it for me. Same. Worked at 0-100% but the child wouldn't work in 30-100%. This made us believe it is what they supposed to be. (Two pumps without extra controller only works in 0-100% if connected. Extra controller like 7095 is needed if adjustable power setting is needed).

What shall we do? I just checked the cable and the part no. is 7092.300. I think this is the correct cable to use?

09/26/2017, 11:54 AM
Your parts are correct, one of the 7090 controllers has a bad connection or the cable is bad, I would contact Tunze in Germany for warranty support. As a last try I might unpower both units and try again.