View Full Version : Lsm help

09/22/2017, 06:46 PM
I just added my lsm module with 5 lights to my 400 gallon I believe that if I hit auto it will follow the moon phases .I heard the intensity is very dime and that you can make them brighter and yet still follow the moon phases .does anyone have a ramp and intensity program i can copy and paste?

09/23/2017, 06:21 PM
Intensity is not dim at all. I use 3 over my 265 and it's a good analog of the moon brightness. Not possible to increase the intensity and follow the same phase pattern since they already go up to 100%.

09/25/2017, 02:07 AM
I don't know about on the apex, however with my AC3 the lunar cycle would have the LEDs completely off right now. I prefer to have a little light in the tank at all times of the month. So I just have them on 100% It would be nice to have them go from say 20% to 100% instead of 0-100%.