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Fish nut
09/23/2017, 08:52 AM
Whats up everyone,

Not really new to the hobby but i am new to sumps due to that i am used to all in one systems. Obviously i have more surface area for more filtration so you can go more crazy with equipment which can be good and bad. My current build is a Xxl 750 red sea. As far as the filtration standpoint goes i have done a lot of research online with a lot of different opinions but not generalized to what i want to do. So here goes.

I will be running a octopus various 8 for return pump i would like to incorporate a refugium, uv, biopellet reactor and use prodibio as my bacteria source. The question that i have that i am having a hard time understanding is when running uv you will be killing bacteria sources good and bad obviously more bad as the good stick to rock and substrate as from what i have been reading. Does anyone think running these combinations together would be beneficial or would the Uv be stripping everything out to fast to make it not beneficial. UV sterilizer will be a Pentair 40 watt. And also running prodibio and a biopellet reactor together be to much of a bacteria. This system will be mostly fish dominated. Any feedback would be awesome. Thanks

09/23/2017, 02:07 PM


In my opinion, UV is a very optional piece of equipment. It will reduce the amount of bacteria in the water, will slow down growth of algae on glass, and may break down some organic compounds. Most aquariums run just fine without it.

When you seed bacteria in the tank, you should turn off UV, allowing the bacteria to attach to the various surfaces. Once the bacteria is well distributed, it should be just fine to turn it back on. UV will not affect bacteria growing on various surfaces.