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09/23/2017, 05:01 PM
Looking to build a new stand for my 90g. 36x24x24.
My ideal height is 48" so I don't have to bend over to enjoy my tank. Question is I have a apex and want to make a electrical section to organize everything but I can't make the stand any wider then 38" and I know I will have a lot of room with the 48" height. Does anyone have pics of their stands with possibly a built in shelf for electronics? Also seems that photobucket is not free and the majority of all the pics on R.C are unavailable because of this. Any one with pics and anyone able to help me on sketch up? I can't figure it out. Thanks

09/25/2017, 08:37 AM
Working on the bottom of the tank is going to be a long reach

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09/25/2017, 09:44 AM
If I get some time today I'll whip something up in CAD..

But it would help if you let me know what size sump/skimmer you are going to be using..

09/25/2017, 10:13 AM
ok..lunch break.. whipped this up..

Could be as simple as this.. see attached
(Note:This is a 3d PDF make sure you enable 3d content in your PDF viewer)

This is all 3/4" plywood and 1by material and is plenty strong without using 2x4's. Doors,etc.. are up to you..
I'd suggest Kreg jig style pocket screw attachments/glue.. You can laminate edge bands or whatever depending on how you want to finish it..

You get ~31" of height for sump/skimmer and up to 12+ inches of space for electronics above the sump section.. Drill holes for wire access as needed or right through the back.

You can even leave the top off and have the tank sit right on the edges (assuming a trimmed tank).. I just did that on my last stand and its cool to be able to look up and see all the bottom of the sand/worms,etc...

Let me know if you want to see something different..

09/25/2017, 05:52 PM
can't open it on this mac. don't use macs very often

09/25/2017, 06:07 PM
ok got it to open that looks good to. thank you

09/26/2017, 05:48 AM
Working on the bottom of the tank is going to be a long reach

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This ^

My 90 stands in the 34"-36" range. I need a step ladder to reach the bottom.


09/26/2017, 07:58 AM
Being hard to work in would be worth it to me. It's a trade-off, but tanks at eye level look sooo much better, imo.

The bottom of my tank is somewhere around 42", I believe. Bar level.

09/27/2017, 12:22 AM
Same here. Well worth it. However I'm looking for a smooth glass like finish line the laminate? Paint and laquaer?