View Full Version : New to Reef tanks, how often to feed Montipora and Elegance Corals?

09/24/2017, 10:58 AM
We used have saltwater aquarium a LONG time ago (for 5 years) so saltwater aquariums are not 'new' to us; however it was a long desired dream of my husband's to have a mixed reef tank.

After he got back to studying the advances in equipment, lighting, etc. he kept researching for the past couple of years and finally bought and setup a tank (112 gallons although not overly burned with rock - carib sea rock).

It's been established for about 6 months and yeah, I found out after the fact that an Elegance coral is not something we should probably have bought especially re: the ECS issue. We do know it is Australian. I had a separate post when it closed up oddly and I was unsure if something was wrong.

Foxface kindly followed up to see what happened after that and the Elegance coral, for now, seems to be thriving. I think a very crazy skunk cleaner shrimp agitates it and short of having a sword fight with it, I try to keep the shrimp happily fed.

I know that these corals are photosynthetic but think I've read that this does not mean they don't need to be fed (assuming in oceans they would eat plankton and other things).

I bought some reef chili so my basic question is how often should these corals be fed and since there are only 3 should they be target fed or broadcast fed?

Found out after watching husband last night that attempting to reef glue something as thin as a montipora piece into place is dicey if you are trying to place if between contact points that are not 'substantial'!

Thanks in advance to everyone here, people have been very patient and kind to this "reef rookie"

09/24/2017, 11:16 AM
I purposely feed the corals maybe every week or two, and use reef chili, rotifers, or cyclops for that. I just put it in with the regular frozen - Rod's Original - and broadcast feed. I have a mix of SPS, with a Duncan, trumpet, a couple euphylia, mushrooms and a very large Elegance.

All are thriving so I have to think I'm doing something right!

***Your mileage may vary***
Be careful to avoid over feeding or you'll end up with a nutrient issue down the road.

09/25/2017, 03:58 PM
Thanks billdogg!

I would agree you must be doing something right...or as they say "the proof is in the pudding"...which makes me also wonder why is the proof in the 'pudding' and where did that saying come from which I've never questioned before until I just typed it..lol

09/25/2017, 04:07 PM
In the past (2-10 years ago) I did not feed my corals anything..

I have started this last year just to see..
I use both Red sea reef energy A/B and Coral Frenzy... (about once a week)

I have not noticed any improvements from doing so yet...

09/26/2017, 10:38 AM
Thanks for the input, mcgyvr. Interesting that you've notice no improvements and prior to that you didn't feed them anything. Somewhat compelling as you have such a LARGE amount of baseline/benchmark time to compare against and it's not like you just have been feeding corals for a short period of time.

Hhhmm...if I start off feeding them then I won't have anything to measure against. Decisions, decisions....

09/26/2017, 11:09 AM
Its always been said that corals get all the energy they need from the symbiotic algae living inside them which gets their energy from sunlight,etc...
There are some that are non-photosynthetic and do require feedings but most do not..

save your money IMO.. When you hit "expert" level.. Then think about it/try it..Many people have enough trouble maintaining optimal water parameters that dumping food into the system with no guarantees of worth just isn't something that most should do..
Focus on proper lighting/proper (and stable) water parameters,etc... They can make or break your success much more than coral feedings can/will..