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09/24/2017, 02:47 PM
Hi Everyone!

I would just like to start off by saying how thankful I am for there being a community for such a cool hobby. I have been a long time diver and due to a recent concussion I have been land locked. With that being said I picked up an old 120 gallon tank and have had it resealed it.


I'm currently redoing the plumbing and I'm just awaiting a custom sump that a friend (acrylic manufacturer) is building.

In my tank I'm using the Maspect Gyre on the left side and plumbing the return from the right. I just wanted some more experienced opinion before I start drilling. I also want to note that I have a 1.5" nozzle head and won't be pointing it at the sand.


09/24/2017, 02:53 PM
I'm sorry for the image size, for some reason I don't have the ability to edit and fix it...

09/24/2017, 03:08 PM
If someone has the ability to fix this it would be greatly appreciated as I do not wish to spam or double post. Please delete this thread as I will be posting a fixed thread.

09/24/2017, 03:12 PM
Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of people here who are scuba and reef tank lovers, both hobbies I enjoy myself as well.

This forum is filling with knowledge and experienced reefers so you have most definitely come to the right place. Ask away!

Two things I can help point out from your pictures:

1) Try to place your rocks on something. Rocks commonly have sharp edges and when you start to stack them on top of one another this can cause a single point of pressure that could crack and break your bottom panel of the tank. Many people here use "Egg crate". It's cheap, and you can buy it at Home Depot as see in the link below:


2) From your last picture you are holding your return loc-line at the very bottom of the overflow and tank. Bad idea. If your power ever fails, or you **** off your return pump for service, water changes, etc. Your entire display tank is going to siphon into your sump which could kill fish, corals and possibly leave you with a nice renovation bill depending on if your home to clean up the mess or not lol.

Try to place loc-line and return plumbing near the top of the overflow so minimal tank water will back-flow into your sump. You can read a little more here:


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