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09/24/2017, 05:53 PM
sorry, I know there are many old posts. I just want to know if you
have tried various ratios, levels and found something that works well.

Did you find certain setting produced more algae?

I understand tank size,etc... are all factors

Mine is about 12" height

What ratio blue to whites?

Do corals grow better with the blues or
also require the whites,yellow, reds?

I have it for 10 hour per day
Royal Blues 50-100
RB + B 50-200
RB + B + W 50-140

It seems the whites will always wash out the blues unless turned down a lot.

All the reef lights I see at lfs seem to have lots of blues for coral color pop
but still have some whites in them. Is this possible with these chinese lights?

09/25/2017, 05:52 AM
25% whites - 55% blues is what I have mine set to.

I have them set to ramp up/down via the Apex 0-10v ports.

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