View Full Version : How much flow for lps in JBJ 28?

09/24/2017, 08:29 PM
So far I have both returns on at the same time and a Jebao pp4 at the lowest speed setting. Is this ok or too much flow for lps?

Reason I'm asking is because I added my first LPS, a Duncan coral frag 2 days ago and it hasn't really inflated. The head is still deflated and being blown around so I'm wondering if the current is too strong?

09/25/2017, 10:01 PM
If itís not happy move it around or slow it down, thereís no right or wrong reason. Honestly youíll just have to play with it, until everything is happy.

09/26/2017, 08:41 AM
Mine doesn't like to be in direct flow. He has adjusted to increased flow over time.