View Full Version : i have problem with my eibli mimic tang

09/25/2017, 12:37 AM
i have eibli mimic tang
The fish swimming in my front glass all the time who's down and up
i buy him before 6 days and the fish not eating
now the fish was in my A quarantine.
the fish no eat nothing no flakes no nuri no freeze food nothing at all
I noticed after I bought it He has a wound on his nose
I started every day smear him every day on Polydine on a wound
please help me maybe somthing now what is behavior
of fish?

this a url to video i capture to show problem :https://streamable.com/592ft

please help me

09/25/2017, 01:47 PM
Thanks for posting a video I wish more people would do this. This on his mouth is probably why the tang isn't eating. This could be bacterial or lymphocyst you can't try soaking your food in garlic also continue to try other foods. Lymphocyst look like califlower they can grow anywhere on a fish and are viral they are contagious however generally not dangerous unless they grow on the mouth gills or internal organs. If it looks like a sore it's possible it's bacterial and the go to Med is Kanaplex its broad spectrum antibiotic. If it worsens you can try Kanaplex furan 2 and metroplex this will cover just about everything bacterial and fungal dose 1 Med wait a HR dose the second Med wait hr and then dose the 3 med you will need an airstone in the tank to help with O2 levels during this treatment