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09/25/2017, 04:51 AM
Since modifying my stand I am limited for space in my cabinet.

I have come up with a design which will incorporate everything I will need.

I am a little confused about the baffle design, the first chamber will be a filter sock & skimmer (bubble magus curve 5), the second chamber with be a refugee and the third the return chamber with a top off reservoir at the end.

The first and second baffle how high do these need to be?

Is the design ok, or would you change anything?

The outer glass will be 6mm and the baffles etc will be 8mm.

Thanks Ian


ssgss gogeta
09/25/2017, 05:39 AM
I always make my sumps 3 chambers
- inlet filter socks, skimmer and bio pellet
- return in middle
- last chamber refugium feed by manifold

I prefer the refugium separate and feed by manifold as i can dial in the flow to what is needed.

Also consider using bubble trap baffles for anything entering return (2 or 3 baffles)

With your baffle height question the one after your skimmer should reflect your skimmer needs. And how much water you want in the section and how much water you want in the eventual lowest section of the return. If your skimmer works best in 9in of water set it at 9in or set it at 12inch and have a 3 inch stand for the skimmer so you have more water volume in the sump. In your setup the next baffle to refugium will be lower than the first baffle. Doesn't have to be by much.

Me personally I prefer to have a desperate drum for the ato reservoir, stops the ato from evap itself and isn't making a whole section of glass just for it. Cheap drums for storing drinking water can be bought and used which is what I did last time and made more room in my sump for future equipment

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