View Full Version : soft clumps of sand

09/25/2017, 10:03 AM
I have a 110g tank has been running around 5 months. My sand is CaribSea special grade reef sand around 1-2 inches thick. I have mostly LPS that are doing ok. I dose about 100ml of 2-part daily to hold ALK between 7.5 and 8. Thats a little more that I thought I would need. I see a slight amount of precipitation right where I dose, but its not bad.

I have been checking my sand for any hard spots that might be forming. But instead I found several gooey clumps of sand. Its like jello and sand mixed. They are a couple inches across. They come apart with no cloud / residue that I can see. I have conches for sand sifting, but I still find these now and then. I only mess with my sand when I do a water change. ( 2ish a month)

sg 1.025
alk 7.6
cal 400
mag 1520
phosphate 0.03
nitrate 4

The first time I found a couple I ignore the issue. I just did a water change and found a few more. Should I be worried, any clue what this could be ?