View Full Version : My tank, new to me

09/25/2017, 08:46 PM
So a little history.. my buddy built a biocube 14 and basically crashed it... he tore it down and gave it to me lol. Iíve done fresh for years but this would be my first salty.

The tank:
Biocube 14
Steveís led turbo kit
False floors removed
Intank media basket
Intank fish guard
Intank flow diverter
Mj 900 pump
(2) hydor koralia 240 nano power heads
50w heater

20 lb live sand
20 lb live rock

Fully stripped and cleaned the tank, added sand and live rock and itís running now with nothing in it.. was gonna wait a week and add a few shrimp. Gonna take it slow with this one. What do you guys think I need?