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09/25/2017, 09:30 PM
Can someone I.D. this coral please. I bought it on 7/1/17. The coral looks different in my tank than the LFS but it has grown a little. The brown image is a pic I took of it in the LFS tank. The pink pic was taken today of the coral in my tank. The coral has mostly a white boney appearance with small light pink polyps. Once the coral was in my tank, it didn't stay brown for very long. Lighting is 4ft 4 tube T5 fixture and a Kessil A160WE.

09/25/2017, 11:40 PM
It looks like a pink stylophora coral to me.

09/26/2017, 03:53 PM
Yeah, maybe it just wasn't entirely happy in the LFS tank. More color typically means it's happier, and it looks like it's growing based on the pic comparison.

Looks really nice, to be honest.

09/26/2017, 10:29 PM
Thanks for the comments. It was sold as a branching monti. I no longer believe its any type of monti.

09/27/2017, 08:43 AM
It is possible that is a pink milli. The stylo’s are usually thicker branches and clumping together.

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