View Full Version : Tank Dimensions and Stocking Possibilities

09/26/2017, 02:35 PM
I'm looking to buy a year and a half old tank I found online for a good deal. I'd ideally upgrade to a 120 (48x24x24), but to have a new one built is out of the price range. The used tank is a 120 (40x30x24). Has anyone seen a tank like this and what are your thoughts? Its a peninsula with an exterior bean animal on the short side. I think I would put it almost flush in a corner, with the overflow cut out of the drywall and plumbed to the fish room on the other side of the wall. Anyone ever put a peninsula in a corner?

I have a yellow tang now and would like to get one or two more for the 120. I was hoping for a powder blue and maybe a kole eye or a smaller one. Is the shorter tank going to be too small for them, or does the extra width make up the difference?


09/26/2017, 04:00 PM
IMO even the smallest tangs (kole/tomini,etc..) aren't happy unless its 48 inches or more.. they zip along that like its nothing just wanting more..

I think this chart should be followed as a min..

You should be able to pick up a new 120 for under $700CAD I'd think.. OR just keep shopping around.. Don't rush happiness.. :)

09/26/2017, 04:35 PM
Thanks for the input! What about a tank full of cool wrasses? Any suggestions for a 120 that size that will add colour and size? Currently have 2 clowns, a yellow tank and one lyretail anthias.