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09/27/2017, 10:09 AM
40 x 20 x 20 approx 70 gal with 40-50 gal sump. After displacement approx 100 total gal volume.

Midas blenny
Clown (TBD) gold stripe maroon or lightning maroon (single) OR Darwin or Picasso (pair) - leaning towards the less aggressive pair options sadly
Hawkfish (TBD) flame, long nose, geometric pygmy or falco - who is going to be less murderous
Wrasse (TBD) mystery, leopard, yellow coris, potentially a flasher/fairy - would these 4 be to many? if too many ill probably skip the flasher
Purple tilefish
Male lyretail
Copperband butterfly
Angel (TBD) African flameback, lemonpeel, eible, flame or rusty (pick two)
White Tail Bristletooth or similar Ctenochaetus

Looking for some suggestions on potential green or blue fish.

Thoughts on the order? any other comments appreciated!

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09/27/2017, 10:49 AM
First off, your dog in your avatar looks awesome. Second I would suggest least to most aggressive. My opinion on a tank like that is 1 statement or larger fish and a good amount of smaller fish. I would go with the flame or longnose hawk. Both have cool personalities. Same can be said for midas blenny. I would go with a pair of clowns over a maroon, just too many experiences with them being a bully. The wrasse you could do a couple flashers, should not be a big concern. For the tang/angel I would go with or the other. Look at the tomini tang.

09/27/2017, 01:23 PM
mystery wrasse may kill all your fairy wrasse.. I wouldn't trust 1 with my fairies