View Full Version : hippo tang acting strange

09/27/2017, 11:32 AM

I had 3 banner fish, 2 clowns, 1 yellow tang and 1 hippo tang.

About 9 weeks ago I introduced a Zoa frag :debi:, after about 1 week later most of the fish were infected with marine velvet. I moved all the fish into the QT and treated them with copper. After about 2 days all the fish looked fine. After about 5 weeks later I had to travel(they were still in copper), while I was away yellow tang and banners had died due to ammonia poisoning.

Hippo tang and Clowns were alive. Clowns are perfectly fine but the hippo tang was acting strange. On and off it scratches the body and struggles as if something is stuck in its gills. And it had heavy breathing.

Then I assumed it was gill flukes and I treated them with Prazi. They were in Prazi for 2 week, but the symptoms are still the same.

He is eating just fine and not a spot on the body. But very hard to see him suffering like this.

What could be the cause for scratching and heavy breathing???

Ammonia is 0