View Full Version : 35 gallon cube stocking

09/27/2017, 12:55 PM
Hi all,

setting up a 35 gallon cube (20"x20"x20") with a 20H sump (will be filled about halfway so add another 8-10 gals to the total system.

I'm looking at stocking. I want a few fish with some soft corals (soft corals come later). Just wondering what the max number of fish i need, given I'll be doing ~10% wc a week.

So far, i want:

1 oscellaris clownfish
1 firefish goby
1 wrasse of some sort (I like the Christmas wrasses' colours/pattern. I'd like something along those lines if anyone can recommend one since the Christmas wrasse might be too big).

Either 1 shrimp or 1 small starfish
1 other goby, if i don't get the shrimp/starfish. Please recommend a goby you guys enjoy.

Thank you!