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09/27/2017, 01:31 PM
So 2 days ago I got a royal gramma and keft him be the first day so he could settle in. Yesterday I went to feed him and I shut off my powerheads and he came right out of his cave and showed a lot of interest in the food, but he could only take the bigger pieces in and spit them out and ate some smaller pieces. Now today he took in a couple bigger pieces, I never seen him spit them out but when I turned the powerheads back on I seen a couple pieces floating around. Does he not like the food? I'm feeding him pmysis cubes

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09/27/2017, 05:47 PM
Not sure I understand... it sounds like he is taking in at least some food and not spitting it out. That's pretty good for a new fish. It may take a while for him to accept any food with gusto, but you might try some other flavors. I use frozen Ocean Nutrition mysis, which seems to be about the right size for Grammas.