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09/27/2017, 07:18 PM
So, I currently have a 50g tank cycling and it should be done before too terribly long. This tank is for two H Erectus I will be ordering from LiveAquaria. Once tank is done cycling, I will be getting a CUC and some Chaeto and 5k pods for my sump to get a pod population going. Once things are looking pretty tasty, my thinking was adding the Seahorses and the Green Mandarin I am going to buy into the tank without a QT. I am not worried about the Mandarin for the obvious reasons but what do your guys think about the horsies going in w/o QT? I feel this will be a better transition for them and there will be no other fish already in the system and I will be ordering captive bred from LA so I have no concerns as to whether or not they are truly captive bred.


Appreciate input

09/27/2017, 10:03 PM
I'd suggest not putting any other livestock in with the seahorses until you are sure they are not going to have any problems with your set-up and protocol.
If you lose them, you won't know if it was due to a problem with the seahorses themselves, or due to exposure to pathogens introduced by other livestock which is often a problem with seahorses.
I wonder if LiveAquaria keeps the seahorses in separated systems from other fish? If not, they may already have been exposed to a pathogen that will give them trouble once you have them.
Personally I would prefer to buy direct from a seahorse breeder like seahorsesource.com rather than take a chance.

09/28/2017, 06:17 AM
I second rayjay's feelings. Having lost my first seahorse immediately after introducing a fish into the tank, I now keep a specie's only tank except some snails.
Also I set up a quick 10 gallon QT to observes any new ponies and give them a chance to recover from shipping stress. I use live rock from the system they will be going into and a few fake plants for hitches and a small hob filter, but different folks do it differently. My main reason is to observes them to make sure they are eating well and pooping before they go into a large tank where they may hide. You can tell if there is a problem if their poop is white and stringy instead of a purple-ish gray. I usually have small live ghost shrimp ordered before they come or I shake out my cheato in my seahorse tank for amphipods. Most new arrivals can not resists those meal offerings. Once they have taken the live food then I immediately offer only frozen and will even let them get hungry a day or so before breaking down and offering more live. Those first days after they are shipped can be a bit stressful for you and your ponies and a bare bottom QT helps you know how they are doing.