View Full Version : 1st time reef builder need sump/refuge help

09/28/2017, 05:45 AM
Hey guys.
My name is Andrew. this is my 1st reef tank and my 1st tank in 15 years. i stopped the hobby and have always wanted to get back in.

I am setting up a 125 gallon tank i plan to turn reef. I also have future plans to piggyback a 40 or 60 gallon tank off the existing setup.

I am looking for the perfect sump/refuge for this and need help in designing what i should do. I currently have a 40 gallon breeder i planned to use. Though I cangrab a bigger tank if needed since i will have a 126 and a 40-60 also.

Is a 40 gallon good enough for those 2 tanks or should i get bigger??

Also i plan on running a cheato reactor and a protien skimmer since i was given both from a friend. Is that overkill to use both or is it perfectly ok?

Can someone advise me what sump sections i should have and what should i be doing in my refugium if i will be running a cheato reactor? And also the the direction of the water flow through the different parts of my system?
Thanks for any help i greatly appreciate.

09/28/2017, 07:18 AM
In general the bigger the better (also means more cost/maintenance,etc...)
But yes a 40B is a great sump..
And yes chaeto and a skimmer can be run at the same time if you want..

the basic sump would be drain/skimmer section.. then fuge.. then return pump section.
There are many ways to skin that cat.. all leave you with a skinless cat :)