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09/28/2017, 01:38 PM
Afternoon, I just did a major upgrade and ontop of it moved houses. I have a 8'x3'x30" tank now. I was able to move everything without losing a single coral or fish. I pretty shocking, I surprised myself. Anyways, I'm looking st adding more fish and 1 of them being a shoal or a clown tang. I know these are both aggressive fish. I wanted to get some input from people who have or who have owned them.

Current stock-
Chevron adult tang- 8-10"
Purple tang- 6"
2 yellow tangs- 5"
Powder blue tang- 8-10"
Regal angelfish- 6"
Midas blenny
Cleaner wrasse
Couple small gobies
Couple chromis
8 Anthias

I will also be adding about 6 wrasse, 2 copperband butterflies, filefish, 10 more Anthias, and a dwarf angel or 2.

Thanks for any input

09/29/2017, 07:02 AM
I added a 5" sohal 3 months ago,
My 4.5" chevron killed him within 2 days ... never seen my chevron show any signs of aggression towards any fish before.
Devastating as it was 250$ gone within 48hrs...

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09/29/2017, 07:10 AM
My Sohal was crazy. Acted perfectly fine then would suddenly and without warning slash another fish. It killed my Achilles tang, and slashed and terrorized most every other fish in the tank. I will never get another Sohal again. I have had clown tangs, and they were very mellow in my experience, but I have read stories of them being aggressive too.