View Full Version : Avoid this place in Lou. KY

09/28/2017, 09:13 PM
Aquatica Reef Supply Lou. KY
Paul -owner

I hate to publicly blast a place of business but due to their lack of interest in the fact that they have given me bryopsis twice in the last 3 years ,...to be honest i frankly dont care at this point. If I can save ONE person the heartache ive encountered then I will feel avenged.

When discussed with the owner about him passing out free algae with everything sold [bryopsis,bubble & hair algae, plus aiptasia or majanos]..he simply stands there with his arms crossed saying " right, right, right...." which makes him look only worse in the customer's mind. Plus he will gladly sell you some stupid magnesium which doesnt do squat diddly and after a few thousand "rights" I personally am through with him and his lack of concern for ruining so many peoples tanks without a care to clean up his act.

Yes i did give him a heads up about the Fluconazole treatment earlier this year and he just simply did nothing to treat his tanks. If you goto google reviews for his place you will see many others complaining of his lack to do anything positive about his shop.

Goto Aquatica if you're looking for "where the green fern grows"