View Full Version : Reef Octo modded with a mazzei 584

09/29/2017, 06:54 PM
Ok so after listening to my RO 150 with the stock aquatrance pump for long enough, I've decided to try taking out the aquatrance and feeding it with a mazzei 584. I'm going to run the mazzei with one of Jebaos new dcp 6500 pumps. Does anyone have experience with a mazzei when it comes to noise level? I'm running my airline outside so all I hear right now is the pinwheel chopping up the air I'm assuming, but it's still incredibly annoying after a while. The skimmer skims like a beast so I would hope that performance would be comparable. Anyone have any thoughts? I considered changing the pump to one of the new dc pumps like on the elite or regal skimmers but I figured I would still hear the pinwheel chopping up air. My BM curve 5 sounded nothing like this thing, but it also didn't suck it this much air either.

Thanks guys