View Full Version : PB Tang obsessed with his reflection

09/30/2017, 11:49 AM
I have a powder brown tang that I placed in the DT one month ago. He was out and about for the first few days and then found his perfect competitor at one end of the tank. I painted the end black which worked for a while and then he found himself again. Eventually he stopped and was out and about again, and he and a starry blenny were following each other around to make sure the one wasn't getting something the other wasn't.

In the last two days he's been obsessed with the back glass, which is also black but not clean, and which doesn't seem to me like he would be able to see his reflection. Anyway, he won't leave the back glass, swimming back and forth and flashing, trying to cut his opponent, and very aggressively colored.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


10/06/2017, 11:32 AM
Lol..If you plan on adding any more fish, this may be the time. Seriously, maybe he will realized that the reflection won't harm him or compete for food.

10/06/2017, 10:50 PM
Yeah I'm working on it. Something that will ignore him and not chase back. Starry blenny is perfect but not so active.