View Full Version : Repair/Prevent Acrylic damage from excess weldon?

09/30/2017, 09:14 PM
I am using 1/4" solid black cell cast acrylic.

When I "glue" it up (Weldon 4), I tend to over do it with the Weldon. I cant seem to get a metered amount using either 25g bottles and syringes.

In the end I get acrylic scarring (white rings or whole corners clouded) on the face facing down. I have tried to elevate the project a little with the platform not touching the edges. This helped, but I am still getting small white rings where a drop must have formed underneath. I am sure this wouldn't even be noticed on clear, but it is highly noticeable on black.

Is there anyway to remove this damage so the stuff I made can be salvaged?

Any tips on preventing it on further stuff?

10/01/2017, 07:53 AM
It can be buffed out/polished ..

But use smaller needles.. (higher gauge) that should allow more control/more accurate dispensing..

And yes elevate the pieces off the ground so that drips don't hit the table and wick right under the opposite face..

10/05/2017, 12:00 PM
Yep, buff it out. Comes out pretty easily, unless it's at an inside corner that is hard to get to.

You can use a piece of felt under the acrylic too (or a paper towel). If you get too much solvent on it, you get it glued to your piece, but with just a drop or two it will absorb it.

Smaller pins/wires is a good suggestion too. Also wait a bit before you pull the pins, to let the excess evaporate. And just be sparing on the solvent. It's not a glue, more does not make a better joint. More makes a better mess.

If you are not using the pins method, that's a problem too.