View Full Version : my male clown dead, should i get a new male?

10/01/2017, 06:42 AM
Hello sir, after i post a previous thread and I back from work just now and i find my smaller male clown under a aquarium table and he is already dry, maybe jump from aquarium for unknown reason. Now only one large female left in the tank. If i get new small male one, can they became a mated pair again? I afraid she will kill the smaller clown, i feel sad because they are mated pair when i purchase them after my tank is reestablish 8 month ago, i hope no aggresion happen when i got a new male later

Small Heavens
10/01/2017, 09:14 AM
Sorry for your loss.

Yes you can get a new one.
In rare cases a female can reject a potential mate, perhaps she can smell some generic weakness on him that we cannot sense, but otherwise nature will win and she will pair up with the guy you give her.

It takes very short for a clown that is alone to turn dominant, so just avoid lone specimens and pick something small enough for your female to easily be the stronger and they will pair up again.

Usually the female will boss the small guy around until she has convinced herself that he is her minion. Some fin nipping can happen in the start but that's not fighting.

If they reject eachother you can tell because they will try to lock jaws with eachother, so don't worry about the initial skirmish if you haven't seen them pair up before. The fin nipping is totally innocent in comparison with the mouth-to-mouth combat, of open hostility.

I do love clownfishes, wonderful and truly an overlooked pet for humans. I hope you enjoy.

10/01/2017, 10:43 AM
Thank you small heaven for your help, i will try to get one next week, only thing i concern is dottyback in my tank, he are get along with the old one but not sure with the new one , this dottyback may know that the clown is not a original / old one and i afraid if he are going after a new clown unless the female is going to protect her younger mate