View Full Version : Looking for a used tank, do I have to get a reef ready?

10/03/2017, 05:33 PM
My first reef tank was a 110gal that I made a sump and had a siphon overflow box.
I hated the siphon

Second and current reef tank is 29gal biocube. With no sump. And no skimmer...

Now I am looking for a 150-220gal tank in the used market.

I have watched videos on drilling the tank, seems simple to me.
I would just buy an internal overflow kit?

Is it normal to drill the returns? I will have a canopy.

Suggestions on brands of overflows I should research? Or is it just gl*******s.com?

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10/03/2017, 05:39 PM
No need to get reef ready BUT they key is making sure that whatever you get that the area you intend to drill is not tempered glass.. or a million pieces you will quickly get..

IMO you are better making your own overflow or buying one like an eshopps eclipse L or synergy or ghost and running a bean animal drain system (3 pipes) discussed here..
This shows an internal "coast to coast" overflow constructed of just 2 pieces.. but you don't really need to go all the way end to end..

Thats the "best" out there hands down.. and well worth it..

and yes you can drill for returns too or just do up and over the back (don't forget anti-siphon holes on the returns)

10/03/2017, 06:24 PM
Eshopps Eclipse L looks nice.
I am trying to find the manufacture of a tank I am interested in.

How common is to temper the back glass on a 150gal tank?

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10/03/2017, 08:09 PM
Tempered panels tend to be on smaller tanks or just the bottom panel. Tank will usually have warning sticker. Best to check for sure.