View Full Version : Peacock mantis odd behavior.

Mr. Manty
10/03/2017, 06:28 PM
40b tank with 20gal sump
nitrates 5ppm
Salinity 1.027

Attached pics show the concerning behavior.

My 4.5" peacock has always had a strange habit of burying his face in random parts of the tank. He never seems to comfortably roam the tank, he will dart to a rock and hide his face. Often he will just sit still behind a piece of rock for hours. He has done this occasionally for about 4 months (i have had him for 5 months) and he even molted successfully about 2 months ago.

Now after I moved his tank last week, he is exhibiting this behavior even more. Now he seems too timid to even break a clam. If i put a clam in his tank, he might grab it and drag it for a few second and hit it a couple times, but then he will freak out and bury his face again in a random rock out of nowhere. Since he is refusing clams (his favorite) I have grown concerned. He is not exhibiting any molting behavior that I can tell.

What could be wrong with him? What has been wrong with him since the beginning? He has never inquisitively roamed the tank like I see with so many other Peacocks. It is like he has a mental disorder.

10/03/2017, 08:24 PM
Does he have a burrow?

O. scyllarus will stress out and die if they don't have a structure they can hide in (so what this guy is doing is going into a spot he feels safest, stuffing his head in.)

Mr. Manty
10/03/2017, 10:53 PM
Yes he has a deep black pvc burrow. I am no amateur at this point.