View Full Version : Beginner list.

10/03/2017, 08:25 PM

Looking for a straight forward list of beginner corals.

All I find is garbage content or run-on nonsense online of top 10.

Although I'll be starting off propagating phytoplankton, copepods, antheopods, macro algae and seagrass of a variety in that order.

Maybe even sponges and gorgon.

I was looking for a simple list of beginner corals.

& sps and anything I may be missing.

I know xenia isn't hard but I hear it will take over a tank.

I figured fraging would be the best start. Since I can have more fine control.

10/04/2017, 08:35 AM
Softies: Almost all of them. Only exceptions I can think of are the various non photosynthetic and maybe the yellow fiji leather.

LPS: Good starters for fragging are any of the branching Euphillia. Encrusting LPS are easier it you plan ahead and grow them on a thin plate that is easy to cut through.

SPS: Plating and branching montipora are simple. Birdnest are also super easy.

10/07/2017, 06:40 PM

Took a while to reply, life got in the way.

When I get some time I probably need to put together a spreadsheet with common and scientific names, grouped by family and difficulty and requirements.

Then see if everyone agrees on it.

I want something as simple as a flashcard for dummies lol.
Something everyone can use at a glance.