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10/04/2017, 12:26 PM
So, my sand storm has cleared in new tank and now I found this little bag floating in the tank. I am guessing it was in one of the bags of sand. Should I add it to my tank? The water looks nice and clear right now so I donít think I need it.

10/04/2017, 12:45 PM
nope, if your're water's already clear than no need to use it. I'd just toss it out

10/04/2017, 12:46 PM
Thanks! Will do!

10/04/2017, 01:42 PM
i have used this stuff before, It does work and had no ill effect.. I would save it for next time you move rocks around.. I have a bottle of the stuff in my sump room but rarely use it as my tank clears super fast

10/04/2017, 02:30 PM
I see you are going with the minimalistic style of rockwork.

10/04/2017, 02:56 PM
Ha ha! Yes, just water and sand!

Seriously, though, just taking it slow. Not sure if I should buy rock locally or order it on line. And I think I need a lot more sand. The PackGe from tbsand looks like an interesting way to go. There are some reef shops here as well.

10/04/2017, 02:57 PM
I mean this place. http://www.tbsaltwater.com

Is that a good way to start a tank?

10/04/2017, 04:01 PM
I mean this place. http://www.tbsaltwater.com

Is that a good way to start a tank?

absolutely... hands down some of the most "live" rock out there.. and this time "live" doesn't just mean the bacteria on it..

Find d2minis post.. or..here..
and here...

10/06/2017, 08:31 AM
I bought three bags of sand for my tank. Each had one of the bio magnet packs. I used one and kept the others for future. If the tank has cleared up on its own keep the packet for future use. When you add live rock everything is sure to get stirred up again and you might need it if things take a while to clear.

10/06/2017, 09:07 AM
Thanks everyone! So hard to be patient. We are going to a LFS on Saturday to pick their brains, get some test kits, maybe a skimmer and new LED lights. Our water temperature is running a little high, so we want to ditch the lid and light we have to see if that brings down the temperature and add the skimmer at the same time. Then if the water tests are ok, we can get more sand and some live rock! Fun stuff and a little scary!