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10/06/2017, 01:17 PM

I havent been on RC in a while and could not login again on my previous username. I was previously on here known by Lil_Maya_Reef.

Just logged on and would like to sell my entire 120 reef setup with sump to somebody that will enjoy this hobby as much as I did. Currently in the process of looking for a house where a new reef tank will be put in the wall.

Until then would like to make room in the garage.
Please let me know if you are interested I could upload pics.

Message me if you would like my cell to communicate faster. Thank you!

10/06/2017, 02:33 PM

10/06/2017, 03:05 PM

I'm located in Las Cruces

10/10/2017, 09:43 PM
Sorry this club forum had been dead for a long time.
I tried getting it started a long time ago, never took off. Then i moved out of state.

You should try the el Paso club. I'm sure they are still up and running. You'd have better luck there.